Private Reseller

If you had the opportunity to work whenever and wherever you want, and to earn as much money as you want, would you accept it?

What is it?

Welcome to the Dream Reseller Network, a brand-new concept that Dream Mobile, a Cape Town-based manufacturer of High-Tech smartphones and tablets, has decided to introduce in its company structure.
Selling high quality devices at the lowest possible price, the company chose not only to bring its salesmen to the final users, but also to let final users sell the products themselves to their families, friends, relatives

How does it work?

Basically, a Dream Reseller can purchase the company products at a defined wholesale price and resell them at the common retail price. The difference is yours!
It’s up to you how much you are going to earn: you can sell two devices and call it an extra income flow, or twenty of them and call it a job!

Which products will you sell?

Low-cost and top-end smartphones, tablets, pouches, keyboards, chargers... If you believe you are able to sell these products, if you know someone in your network that would be interested in buying from you, then that is the opportunity you were looking for.

How can I become a Dream Reseller?

1_ Please, contact us at specifying "Dream Reseller" as the object of your email, or fill the form below.

2_ Our team will contact you back in order to set up a meeting and explain you the details of the program.

3_ After acceptation of your application you will be able to sell Dream Mobile products and increase your income stream! 

We look forward to have you with us!

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