About Us

Dream Mobile is a South-African manufacturer and distributor of high quality and low cost communication devices.

"What if every South African could access affordable, fast Internet on devices they love to use?"

That is the question that co-founder Reza Handley-Namavar asked in October of 2010 while he was waiting in line to use a computer at the University of the Western Cape. From this simple experience emerged a company with the goal to drive Internet access across the African continent.

“Our mission is to drive Internet access across the African continent.”

Dream Mobile has evolved into an African technology company with not only top-end products, but the mission of redefining the African telecom industry in a way that has never been done before

Our philosophy focuses on solving three fundamental challenges:

The high-cost of good quality devices people can actually be proud of and enjoy using
The high-cost of Internet, and in most cases the low quality of internet connection
The lack of easily accessible African content that is available over the Internet and in data sizes Africans can afford
"Everything we create and everything we do revolves around solving these three core problems."

Our Story 

As all trees have roots, all people have ideas, hopes and dreams that form the core of their being, ours began in 2012.
_ Founder, Reza Handley-Namavar had the vision that accessibility to the Internet for everyone on the African continent was possible. He had a hypothesis that smartphones could provide this, and through software development he could combine the two to provide cheaper data and an affordable hardware.
_ Without a shortage of ambition and a distilled vision of what communication on the continent needed to be a team began to form and before we knew it one man’s dream became that of many. Working tirelessly night and day we began a journey to build an African smartphone for the African market.
_ Some have called us crazy, others foolish, but we like to think of ourselves as Dreamers, a group of young and old, African and American, traditional and unorthodox, crusaders dedicated to driving Internet access across the continent.
_ We work night and day, tirelessly to make this dream a reality, not just for us, but also for millions across the country and continent.
We are Dream Mobile, Proudly African, so grab a phone, give us a call, say hi and join us on this incredible journey into the African Mobile revolution.